Everything 5 Pound

We wanted to prove how valuable Snapchat advertising could be, so we partnered with brands who sell products or services women 18-35, the strongest demographic on the platform.

Snapchat Campaign by for


We used video content available from the company’s Facebook and YouTube channels to create a variety of 10 second adverts for Snapchat. After testing the creatives with followers on some of our owned Snapchat channels we narrowed down the shortlist to two.

We explored different targeting options and ran the campaign over 4 days between the 19th-26th of March, and our campaign achieved CPC of 3p and a CTR of over 3%. For Everything 5 Pounds, we achieved a ROAS of 550% or 5.5:1.


Bliss Nightclub/OFFAGROUP

Manchester’s newest nightclub wanted to promote an event targeting 18-25 with paid video and interactive ads. We repurposed promoters content to raise the venue’s brand awareness and drive sales of tickets and designed a geofilter to promote the showcase and encourage usage.

12% of our target audience were exposed to the campaign, total 45,000 impressions. 5.6% of those who engaged with the advert converted, 74% of viewers were exposed to the Bliss brand. 21% completed video to the end.

bliss venue manchester jeli agency snapchat video marketing service

27% of those who engaged with 100% of the advert converted.

The geofilter was used 70 times generating organic reach of 8000+. For every one person who used the filter, campaign reached another 117 people, organically.


Sun City Promotions

Read our most recent case study “You have to see it to believe it” and learn how we executed a 360 Snapchat marketing campaign for events company Sun City.

They wanted to grow their brand awareness, promote content and sell ticket to events.


We built a channel hitting 12,000 views per week and growing with an engagement rate of 95%. As well as launching and managing their  account, we developed an affiliate program that allowed other Snappers to promote tickets. Snapchat is now the foundation of their content marketing strategy and a key resource to promote the companies events.

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