2019 is set to be the year Snap doubles-down on AR and eCommerce to set itself apart from rivals.

The latest feature to be rolled out on Snapchat, allows users to purchase items through the app’s sponsored lenses. AR lenses are among the app’s most popular features, with 70 million people exploring them daily, spending 3 minutes on average. 

Integrating advertising into the ux has been one of the hallmarks the company’s camera application. “Shoppable social” as it has been called, has the potential to connect businesses with consumers while the reducing friction when going from social network to checkout. 


Fusing AR experiences with advertising, will likely increase engagement with ads, and therefore the likelihood of a purchase. We witnessed this with Nike’s Air Jordan activation earlier this year, which sold all pairs of limited edition Air Jordans within 23mins. 

Recently, we ran a performance marketing campaign to quantify the effectiveness of Snap’s ad platform for e-commerce with online fashion retailer 

With the minimum £50 daily ad spend, over 4 days we returned £1100, achieving a ROASof 550% CPC 0.03 CPM 0.89! 
Israel Oba
Creative Strategist

Lego Adds Digital Twist To Building Blocks.

Toy giant LEGO, recently added a digital proposition to their DUPLO Stories range. 

The new LEGO addition aims to nurture a child’s instinct for learning through play. The company partnered with our larger than life YouTubers, The Bafana’s to connect with their audience and showcase the benefits of the classic LEGO brick and voice activated assistant. 


With an average of 5m monthly channel views and over 220k subscribers, the Bafana’s strong reach and loyal following of young families made them a perfect fit for the brand.

In a deal brokered by Viral Talent, The Bafana Family set about amplying LEGO’s marketing messages in the authentic and playful style their audience knows and loves.

Actively engaging their community with this campaign produced qualitative insights that were more valuable than views or likes. Parents and children alike shared their hints and tips at how they encourage their children to learn through play, further adding value to the partnership.

In their following vlog, the family gave away the featured toys to a few of their lucky subscribers, making this collab a win win for all.

I have a autistic niece and we use fun things that she likes to play with and we change it up so it’s not just about playing with toys but she’s learning at the same time. I’m 13 bafana family"
youtube jeli bafana ayegbusi
Nadia Reese

Fancy An African?

Without a doubt, technology has had a profound influence on our shopping experience.

Our ability to research, review, click and buy the stuff we need from the comfort of our homes means convenience in King.

With the ease of purchasing your favourite buys online, there remains a lack of diversity in high street supermarkets catering specifically to niche multicultural audiences.


There is, however, a steady increase in cultural awareness from people within and from outside of the African/African- Caribbean diaspora developing a tasteful interest indulging new cuisines.

The vision for delivery startup AFROQLIQ is to provide a digital platform and logistics network dedicated to African and Caribbean products. We brought that vision to life with clickable prototypes, a comprehensive brand strategy and a well-executed marketing plan. 

AFROQLIQ is now available to download on IOS and Play Store. The logistics network is currently piloting in Manchester. 


The AFROQLIQ launch campaign was a defining moment for the agency. From initial brainstorming to logo and UX design with everything in between, our team worked tirelessly to execute the marketing stategy. We were all very proud when that first meal was delivered.
Israel Oba
Creative Strategy